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Default HCL Wzor Chemiczny

Hi I would like to know about Hydrochloric Acid as well as the details about its properties and Chemical symbolism?
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Default Re: HCL Wzor Chemiczny

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is an inorganic compound from the gathering of anaerobic acids that is a fluid arrangement of hydrogen chloride gas . Some of the time, hydrochloric acid is likewise called an answer of hydrogen chloride in other polar solvents, for example, CH3)2CO . It is exceptionally destructive.

Weakened hydrochloric acid is found in the stomach of people and well evolved creatures permitting assimilation of proteins , enacting stomach related compounds . The standard name "hydrochloric acid" is gotten from the old strategy for its planning from concentrated sulfuric acid and shake (salt acid).


It is acquired by the activity of sulfuric acid on sodium chloride [1] ( response happens in two phases):

The main happens at room temperature:

H 2 SO 4 + NaCl → HCl ↑ + NaHSO 4

Alternate requires warming up to 800 C:

NaCl + NaHSO 4 → HCl ↑ + Na 2 SO 4

The amalgamation of hydrogen chloride can be incorporated into other synthetic procedures, for example, chlorinating hydrocarbons. The wellspring of especially unadulterated hydrogen chloride is the combination of the components.


Unadulterated hydrochloric acid is dull. Some of the time yellowish specialized shading of hydrochloric acid is caused by press particle tainting.

Hydrogen chloride broke down in water is totally separated:

HCl + H2O → H3O + Cl -

Chemical symbolism

Science utilizes particular images to depict particles and synthetic responses .

Symbols of elements

The images of the roots originate from their Latin names. Some of them are single letter images (eg H - hydrogen ( H ydrogenium ), K - potassium ( K alium ), N - nitrogen ( N itrogen ), two - letter parts (eg Cl - chlorine, Au - gold ( Au rum ), Pt - platinum ( P la t inum )) and newfound or speculative components with the most astounding nuclear numbers have briefly distributed three letter images (eg Uue - ununennium ).

Symbols of elements are utilized as a part of three detects:

As the general image of the component, indicating every one of the particles of a given component happening in nature ,

As the image of a solitary particle of a given component,

In response conditions - as an image of 1 mole (see SI framework ) of iotas of a given component or image of 1 particle , since the response conditions can be deciphered as both atomic and sub-atomic notes.

Closely resembling images are additionally doled out to two sorts of extraordinary iotas , which can shape perishable mixes with common molecules: Mu - mium, Ps - positron.

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