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Default Re: Meclis Ne Zaman Tatile Girecek

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey will be celebrating before the Ramadan Feast, following the reception of two drafts in regards to the sanction of two worldwide understandings marked with Qatar, including a bill on the game plan of olive forests in the field.

The Draft Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws and Decrees on the Decree Law for the Support of the Development of the 90-Item Industry and Supporting the Production will be talked about in 4 areas as the "Essential Law" in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, with resistance and some non-legislative associations restricted by the reason that the olive fields were opened.

"Olive" design will be discussed in four sections as "basic law" in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly with its new form.

Parliamentary General Assembly, 'FETO' in 15 July coup attempt on the commemoration of Saturday, July 15 will be unprecedented. The parliament, which will be resigning after the phenomenal meeting, will enjoy a reprieve until Tuesday, September twelfth.
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