ICICI Branch Phone Numbers

In recent years, Phone Numbers of commercial banks have grown in significance primarily due to the introduction of Phone Banking Service by the leading banks of India. The page titled ICICI Bank Phone Number will introduce you to such facilities provided by ICICI Bank.

Set of ICICI Bank Phone Number s according to states (in alphabetical order) is as: Andhra Pradesh 9849578000, Chattisgarh 9893208000, Goa – 9890478000 Gujarat 9898278000, Haryana 9896178000, Karnataka 9845578000, Kerala 9895478000, Madhya Pradesh 9893208000, Maharashtra 9890478000, Punjab 9815558000, Rajasthan 9829222292, Tamil Nadu 9894478000, UP (East) 18003453499, UP (West) 9897308000, Uttaranchal 9897308000.

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